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Biocompatible water

Unique process


Thanks to their technology, Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains produce structured water, the result of thirty years of research and development.

Aqua Dyn Auroville has been the leader instructured water since 1994, is the inventor of the biofilter®, and holds international patents, one for Bio-dynamisation® and one for Lumière & Son®.

Biocompatible water, Aqua Dyn auroville

The effectiveness ofstructured water has been demonstrated on all living organisms: human, animal and plant. The various stages of water treatment provide our bodies with the minerals they need to function properly.

Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains distributed by combine five stages of water treatment : extreme purification, vortex in the Bio-filtre®, Bio-Dynamisation®, information through Lumière&Son® and water saturation with trace elements .

These five steps make the water perfectly biocompatible with our own, and these technologies are now patented internationally. 

Combined, these five steps of Aqua Dyn Auroville's technology ensure biocompatible structured water:

water structuring for vitality

lasting treatment quality

perfect physico-chemical balance of treated water

In brief

The 5 stages of Aqua Dyn Auroville technology

  1. Extreme filtration ensures the physical, chemical and bacteriological purity of the water.
  2. Patented Bio-Dynamisation® technology integrates high-frequency wave energies captured by a beeswax oscillator and capacitor into the water.
  3. The release of trace elements in "ionic" form, in their nascent state, become immediately assimilable by our body, promoting the absorption and full assimilation of these benefits.
  4. As the water passes through the Bio-filtre®, microvortexes are created, increasing the potential energy transmitted to the water.
  5. Light and Sound® informsstructured water with music tuned to a 432Hz frequency, carried by infrared or light rays. These sound waves optimize the water's vibratory rate, enhancing itsstructured water properties.

Water, a regulator of biological functions

- H2O -

What is structured water?

Essential property

Its dynamic state

First and foremost, it's important to understand the structure and organization of water. 

Water is a molecule composed of one oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms. These atoms are arranged at an angle of 104.45° to form an electric dipole that occupies the space of a tetrahedron with two positively charged vertices and one negatively charged vertex. 

This particularity means that water molecules attract each other. The positive side of one attracts the negative side of the other to form cluster structures.

The single molecule H2O does not exist in its natural state, but combines with other water molecules to form structures that assemble into clusters.

The essential property of water in nature is its "dynamic" state. The particularity of moving water is linked to three factors (chemical, thermal and kinetic). These factors determine its structure, i.e. the incident angle of the water molecules and the number of molecules in a cluster. 

In addition, various observations and numerous experiments carried out on the properties of water have led some researchers to postulate that water is a carrier of information of a biophysical nature. In other words, water molecules are capable of capturing electromagnetic information and transmitting it back to living systems. This is thanks to their structural adaptability.

Water structured by Bio-dynamisation® has the ability to link and unlink with the elements around it at a rate of several million times per second. 

What's more, its structure enables it to penetrate cells more easily through aquaporins, not only to fulfill its role as a transporter, but also to hydrate the body. 

Water feeds the cells and also recovers the body's waste products. 

Bio-dynamisation® also ionizesstructured water molecules, splitting them into H+ ions and negative OH- ions. The H+ ion has fantastic mobility and the ability to break down macromolecules into elements that can be assimilated by the body. 

The presence of trimeric isomers and significant ionization instructured water give it the character of vital water and biological properties.

Sensitive crystallization

Results of objectification tests on water treated with Aqua Dyn Auroville technology

This method shows the difference in energetic radiation between "unstructured" dead water and "structured" living water, then water energized by sound frequencies with a center and tree-like radiations.

Structured water, Dynamized water

This water has stagnated in concrete tanks, sometimes treated with chlorine. Negative information from human pollution is present. It shows a total lack of order or organization. Its molecular structure is not compatible with the highly structured water present in human cells, so the body must expend energy to transform it. Its low vibratory level is of the same order of magnitude as that of pathogenic bacteria and diseases, below the minimum vitality level of the human body.

Structured water, Dynamized water

After purification and Bio-Dynamisation® by Aqua Dyn Auroville's fountains, this same water expresses coherence and structure (radiation centers and tree angles). Its vibratory level has risen from 4,500 BU to 17,000 BU (Bovis Units). Its molecular composition features a high percentage of trimeric water (3 molecules), like the highly agglomerated water in human cells. The high vibratory level of this water prevents bacteria and viruses from developing. The immune system is strengthened and bodily functions can organize their defenses in a natural way.

Structured water, Dynamized water

This same Bio-Dynamized® water intensifies its radiance and structure in terms of centers and radiations thanks to the Light & Sound® information. Masaru Emoto showed magnificent water ice crystals that had "listened" to the incantations of Bach, Mozart or a Shinto priest. Ancient mantras are famous for their power to confer healing properties on water. This photo shows a crystallization of water dynamized with copper chloride using the process described below, and infused with Mother's mantra*. 

You can see the powerful radiance and maximum expression of life. The vibratory level is raised to 25,000 BU (Bovis Units), taking life to another plane of expression.
*Mother, spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo and founders of Auroville.

Promotes rapid hydration and body revitalization

Why Bio-dynamise® your water?

Aqua Dyn Auroville's bio-dynamic® fountain water is also known as structured water, vivified water or living water. It promotes rapid hydration and revitalization of the body, making it ideal for the whole family, children, senior citizens, athletes, people suffering from acidity and even our pets, who feel the difference too!

To optimize the functions of the water we absorb, it must reach a certain vibratory rate similar to that of the water in our bodies (biocompatibility). Dynamization with patented Bio-Dynamisation® technology integrates high-frequency wave energies captured by a beeswax oscillator and capacitor into the water. These structuring energies are transmitted to the water by two copper, gold and silver electrodes. 

Note: structured water is dynamized, but dynamized water is not necessarily structured water.

High performance

very high-frequency vibrations

With no chlorine or chemical pollutants, fountain water is perfectly pure and long-lasting. Balanced and low in mineral content, its high-frequency vibrations make it easier for our cells to assimilate. The body uses less energy for all its metabolic functions.

The lightness and good taste of the biocompatiblestructured water in our fountains are among the qualities most frequently cited in testimonials from our users.

Light & Sound® technology

Structuring by Masuru emoto

Research by the laboratory of Japan's Masaru Emoto has shown that "classical" and soft music contribute to the construction of hexagonal-structured, powerful and harmonious crystals (Fig.1), whereas violent or unstructured music creates amorphous ice clusters with no energetic quality (Fig.2).

Structured Water
Structured Water

Aqua Dyn Auroville's Light & Sound® technology takes water information to the highest, most subtle level.

Therapeutic use

Aqua Dyn Auroville's unique technology has been recognized by leading scientists such as Prof. Luc Montagnier and Dr. Jamal Aïssa, who have demonstrated in various studies that Aqua Dyn Auroville biocompatible water "significantly reduces the in vivo generation of low-frequency electromagnetic signals in aqueous dilutions of plasma DNA from patients suffering from various chronic diseases". Conclusion by Pr Luc Montagnier.

Biocompatible water is therefore a health water that can be used as therapeutic water. The Cenatho center, one of the leading training centers for naturopaths in France, uses our in the professional field of prevention and health education.


Biocompatible water is "structured water", meaning that it is biocompatible with our biological water thanks to a perfect balance that optimizes our body's harmony and homeostasis*.

*Homeostasis is the body's ability to balance its biological functions. It is essential to a state of well-being and health. Water quality plays a fundamental role in promoting this balance.

Cellular hydration

Biocompatible structured water has a low mineral content, which helps to cleanse the body. It is diuretic and avoids excess minerality, which can have a negative impact on kidney function, joint pain and so on. Remember that water is more important for what it carries away than for what it provides, and that minerals that can be assimilated by the body are mainly found in fruit and vegetables. In the kitchen, structured water maintains the mineral content of foods and enhances their taste, as well as that of hot beverages such as tea, infusions and coffee.

Tone and vitality

Daily or regular consumption of dynamically-structured water stimulates the immune system, boosts energy and vitality, and aids food assimilation. It improves endurance and reduces recovery time during intense exercise.

I'm a doctor, and I've found that drinking structured water from Aqua Dyn Auroville's fountains on a regular basis has enabled me to recover quickly from a serious vascular accident, by detoxifying and energizing my body. Having experienced the benefits for myself and my family, I recommend that everyone drink structured water from Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains on a regular basis, to optimize their energy levels and natural defenses.
Of all the water I've ever drunk, Aqua Dyn Auroville water is the best in the world. It's light and subtle, and tastes like the vibration it carries. It brings joy to the body. It makes you want to drink it. I recommend it to my patients. Drinking life is different!
Fabrice, Vertebologist
I've already expressed my satisfaction at drinking this water, which isn't "heavy" on the stomach, allowing me to drink more of it than I used to; I use it in my cooking and regularly give some around to take away. It's always appreciated. For example, I helped a person with lithiasis in the kidneys and ureters to eliminate some of his stones (attested by X-ray), much to the astonishment of the radiologist who asked him: "What kind of water do you drink?
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