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Aqua Dyn Auroville's Mélusine fountain
Aqua Dyn Auroville Mélusine fountain trace elements

1. Food products

L’électrode de carbone peut être utilisée pour dynamiser toutes sortes d’aliments, de préférence à base aqueuse : jus de fruits, laitages, soupes, confitures, etc., mais aussi des graines, des mueslis, des fruits secs. Ne pas oublier que la température de pasteurisation (>70ºC) tue toute vie, toute dynamisation ; il conviendra donc d’attendre que le plat à dynamiser (<63°C) se refroidisse un peu.

We also recommend washing raw vegetables and fruit in dynamized water. Similarly, dried vegetables and fruit can be "vitalized" by soaking in dynamized water. 

For honey, oil and other viscous or low-flow products, a dynamization time of 6 to 12 hours per kilo is required. For powdered products or seeds, 30 to 60 minutes per kilo.

There's no point in trying to energize products that aren't of animal or plant origin.

2. Agriculture and livestock

For those practising sustainable development on a family scale: Marcel Violet reports on numerous dynamizations carried out on seeds, plants, crops and animals in his book "L'énergie cosmique au service de la santé ou le Secret des Patriarches".

3. Other dynamizations

You can also dynamize toiletries and cosmetics using the titanium electrode alone. For toilet and bath water, dynamize 3 to 5 liters of water for 6 to 8 hours. This water can then be used as is for skin care and shampoo. 

For bathing, mix with bath water, taking care to protect the bung and metal parts of the tub with a rubber suction cup or putty; any grounding through a metal object will cancel out the effects of dynamization. A little sea salt or clay will enhance the revitalizing effect. 

A titanium electrode will also give excellent results on creams and perfumery products.

Choice of electrodes

Here are some of the properties associated with the best-known metallic trace elements, which are therefore recommended as specific dynamization electrodes:

Aluminum: brain-motor centers, insomnia.
Silver : antitoxic, pneumonia, anemia, anti-infectious.
Carbon : boosts the immune system, indispensable catalyst for intracellular exchanges, liver disorders, beverage regeneration.
Chromium : eyes, sugar assimilation, hair revitalization.
Cobalt : an indispensable component of vitamin B12, essential for vegetarian diets.
Copper : anti-inflammatory, kidney ailments.
Tin : eliminates toxins.
Iron : anemia, anorexia, growth.
Germanium : cancer, immune defenses (use alone - without other trace elements).
Magnesium : neuromuscular regulator, senility, osteoporosis, stones, immune system reinforcement.
Manganese : asthma, eczema, rheumatism, glandular stimulant.
Nickel : nervous disorders, headaches, cirrhosis, sugar assimilation.
Gold: heart disease, blood pressure, blood.
Selenium: antioxidant, malnutrition, immune system booster.
Silicon : nervous system balance, tissue regeneration, ageing.
Titanium : for cosmetic products.
Zinc: insomnia, endocrine problems, skin diseases, pituitary regulator, depression, breast and prostate cancer prevention.
Copper, Gold and Silver : the combination of these three trace elements gives excellent results on immunity through the addition of their therapeutic effects.

Our fountains use a Bio-Dynamisation® filter equipped with a copper, gold and silver electrode incorporated into the filter, for continuous production of dynamized water. 

The same water can be dynamized by saturation using specific electrodes. Simply use the accessories supplied to connect the chosen electrode to the machine and immerse it in the liquid to be dynamized.

After water treatment with a single electrode or a combination of 2 or 3 electrodes, all treated water can be mixed before consumption. The result is multi-purpose water. 

Polymetallic dynamized water can be obtained directly, using a combination of the following electrodes: zinc, silver, copper, magnesium, nickel, manganese and cobalt. 

For energized water without trace element diffusion, the carbon electrode alone is sufficient.

Saturation of water with trace elements

The water you dynamize should be pure, with low mineral content and low limescale. Normal water consumption (around 1 to 2 liters per person per day) will require 15 to 20 minutes of dynamization per liter.

The primary role of the electrode is to transmit "biological waves" to the water. From this point of view, the choice of electrode is neutral: any electrode will allow this phenomenon. 

However, it has been found that the metal electrode loses a tiny amount of its weight during dynamization, indicating that the metal (trace element) has been transferred to the water. This transfer of "matter" from the electrode to the water is one of the outstanding features of this dynamization principle.

These trace elements, combined with the effects of biological waves, explain the exceptional health benefits of energized water. 

The introduction of a trace element into the body, when it is already in organic or energetic form, poses no assimilation problems, unlike its chemical form. This dynamization method therefore solves the problem of trace element deficiencies. 

A century ago, it was demonstrated that a large number of chemical elements enter into the composition of living organisms, and not just the 12 elements that make up almost all of their weight. 

Even in minute doses, these trace elements play an indispensable role.

Electrode dynamization is certainly a fast and effective way of correcting essential trace element deficiencies and rebalancing self-defense mechanisms. 

It would seem that it is generally the trace elements copper, gold and silver that are most lacking in the body.

How to proceed?

If you wish to saturate water with a trace element of your choice, proceed as follows:

1. Take the quantity of water you wish to saturate from the Fountain tap. Use a non-metallic container, preferably glass or porcelain. You can also use food-grade plastic.
2. Connect one of the cables to one of the two sockets on the side of the Fountain. These sockets are identical, there is no polarity. This allows you to connect 2 cables to saturate 2 bottles at the same time.
3. To enrich your water with a single trace element, use one of the sockets without distinction. The second socket allows you to treat the water in a second container with another trace element of your choice.
4. At the other end of the cable(s), place the chosen electrode in the alligator clip. Note that there is no risk here, as the current flowing through the clamp and electrode is very low.
The electrode should be perpendicular to the clamp, which rests on the edge of the container.
5. Immerse the electrode in at least 5 cm of water.
6. Make sure that the clamp itself is never submerged, otherwise you will cancel out the effects of micronutrient saturation and bio-dynamization.
7. The time required for saturation depends on the quantity of water.

A minimum of 2 hours per liter (low saturation) and a maximum of 8 hours (high saturation) are required. However, even if the water has reached its maximum saturation level, there is no danger in leaving the electrode connected, as there is no possibility of overdosing. Since the water has reached its maximum saturation level, it will not exceed it. When you want to stop saturation, remove the electrode from the water before disconnecting the cable.


Trace elements

- To maintain the benefits of bio-dynamization, the water must not
be brought into contact with any metal object, including an unplugged
electrode, as this immediately cancels out the bio-dynamization. Of course,
the water retains its high purity and remains safe to drink.
- The Fountain must remain continuously supplied with electricity during
the saturation and bio-dynamization time. However, if the
current is cut off, there is no adverse effect, and the water remains very pure and good to drink.
But the bio-dynamization and trace element saturation process
will have to be repeated, as explained above.

Storage of dynamized products

The effect of dynamization fades over time. Preferably, dynamized foods should be consumed immediately, especially fresh, perishable products. 

For all dynamized products, we recommend not exceeding the following time limits: 

Four months for liquids: water, wine, various beverages.

Approximately one year for oily, thick, low-flow products.

La chaleur (>63°C), le froid (<4°C), la lumière excessive réduisent les effets de la dynamisation. Les produits dynamisés ne doivent pas être mis en contact avec des pièces métalliques, sous peine de perdre leurs propriétés. Les prothèses dentaires, en raison de leur faible masse, sont sans influence.

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