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Biocompatible water

We offer a wide range of products to meet everyone's needs, from individual kitchens to local authorities, including day care centers, spas, hotels and restaurants, sports and health centers (naturopathy, thalassotherapy, etc.).

Whatever their size, our installations benefit from the combination of our four levels of water treatment: extreme purification, dynamization with the patented Bio-Dynamisation® technology, information through Light & Sound® and water saturation with trace elements.

Our fountains are of proven Aqua Dyn Auroville quality and will last for many years.

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For individuals

Melusine Reverse Osmosis Fountain Aqua Dyn Auroville

Melusine Fountain

The Melusine fountain is a model designed for families or medium-sized communities.

It can provide 8 to 10 liters per hour of pure and living water thanks to a reverse osmosis system and its unique Bio-Dynamization® and Light and Sound® information process.

Jalamo Fountain

Aqua Dyn Auroville's design team thought of the Jalamo as a way to allow everyone to have easy access to pure & bio-dynamic water on a daily basis, without the hassle of clutter or the need for a lot of space.

There is no need for a bulky tank or to store water.

Aquarius Ultrafiltration Fountain
Andromeda individuals

Andromeda Dynamizer

Ideal for those who are already equipped with a water purifier at home and wish to go further in the quality of their water.

It is the perfect complementary equipment.

Traveller Dynamizer

Created to enhance the properties of filtered or mineral water in a personalized way, the Traveller is your ally to help you preserve your potential well-being and vitality and to promote cellular hydration of your body.

Traveller Dynamizer Oligotherapy products

Large volume fountains

Mytae Fountain

Thanks to its robustness, the Mytaé model specifically meets the needs of quality water for professional use: bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants etc.

Bio-dynamic water also improves the fermentation of the leaven and plays a major role in the quality of the dough in bakeries or pizzerias

Aquavison Fountain

The Aqua Vision fountain is a jewel of technology, in addition to having all the filtration systems that have made the reputation of Aqua Dyn Auroville, it also has an LCD screen perfect for information in shops.

With its slim and elegant design it will be perfect for restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas and medium-sized businesses.

Fontaine Clara products

Fountain Fonté Clara

Thanks to its elegant and sober design, its high flow rate and its cooling technology, the Fonté Clara fountain is perfect for all shops, sports centers, refectories, shopping malls, companies etc...

Cyrene Fountain

The Cyrene Fountain is a model designed for businesses, medium-sized communities, villages or eco-sites. It can provide from 50 to 240 liters per hour of pure and living water.


Customized solutions & local authorities

Products Quadro 120

Customized solutions

Water distribution in homes can be treated as a whole. Rebirth Water offers customized water filtration and dynamization solutions for an entire home, building, or group of homes.

Local authorities

Rebirth Water, through its subsidiary Eau Dyn, offers the rapid installation by truck of a container equipped to treat water in all types of environment. 

The qualities of this biocompatible water allow it to be stored without the addition of chemicals for long periods.


Natural anti-limescale

The water, which supplies homes, hotels and other industrial facilities, contains a significant amount of limestone, which causes many problems to the equipment and generates excess energy costs and costs on repairs and maintenance of the facilities.

Excessive limescale causes economic losses because it acts as a thermal insulator in the installations and increases the heating time of the domestic hot water.

As a result, the energy required to heat domestic hot water increases over time.

Complementary products

OmWater Gratitude Bottle

A bottle made with love to transmit good vibrations to the water.

The OmWater bottle is designed entirely according to the golden ratio (the structure we find in nature), the OM symbol (sound of creation), the blue color to solarize the water, the flower of life pulsing from the bottom and gratitude, all combined in this bottle to increase the vibration of the water and those who use it.

Chrome shower

Nearly 30% of the water that our body assimilates comes from shower water. That's why we offer a filtration system that is quick and easy to install and fits any type of shower. With its 15 filtration stages, our shower filter ensures quality water for you and your family.

shower filter

repair and maintenance

Rebirth Water uses the technology and knowledge of Aqua Dyn Auroville to allow you to benefit from a biocompatible water at home thanks to a wide range of products answering the needs of each one. From individual kitchens to local communities, including day care centers, spas, hotels and restaurants, sports and health centers (naturopathy, thalassotherapy, etc..).

Rebirth water is the exclusive partner of Aqua Dyn Auroville of Aqua Dyn Auroville in Europe and assures the importation, the distribution, the maintenance of the fountains as well as the manufacturer's guarantee.

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