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Aqua Dyn Auroville

Thanks to their technology, Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains produce energized water, the result of thirty years of research and development. 

Aqua Dyn Auroville was founded in 1994 as a research and development center for the benefits of pure, living, structured water. It is the inventor of the biofilter®, and holds two international patents, one for Bio-dynamisation® and one for Lumière & Son®.

Aqua Dyn Auroville is the leader in biocompatibledynamized water.

Since its creation, the Aqua Dyn Auroville team has developed unique expertise in technologies that restore the structured character of drinking water, making it biocompatible with our biological water and promoting the body's vitality, cell hydration and immune system defenses.

After high-performance water purification, the innovative technologies developed by Aqua Dyn Auroville deliver energized water biocompatible water.

Sound system Bio-Dynamization®system, vortex in the Bio-filter®, water saturation with trace elements and Lumière&Son® information guarantee the perfect structure of the energized water in Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains.

The mission of Eaubiocompatible.com

Sharing the benefits of dynamized water

To enable this technology to be exported, Eaubiocompatible.com, in its mission to shareenergized water and its benefits, has become Aqua Dyn Auroville's exclusive partner in Europe, the United States, Canada and Africa.

We import, distribute and maintain fountains, and provide a manufacturer's warranty.

Using Aqua Dyn Auroville fountains improves well-being and health, and protects the planet (by reducing plastic waste). They produce energized water and enable those who so wish to become self-sufficient in water, thanks to 5 stages of high-performance intervention.

Drinkingenergized water means taking part in a common effort for everyone's future.

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Dynamized water stages

Dynamized water

- step 1 -

Extreme purity & biofiltration

Three types of filtration (KDF carbon, sediment and reverse osmosis) ensure chemical, physical and bacteriological water purity. This extreme filtration system eliminates bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals and excess dissolved solids to guarantee 99.99% perfectly pure water.

Chemical purity

activated carbon filter removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Physical purity

the sediment filter removes sand, sludge, algae, dust, etc.

Bacteriological purity

Reverse osmosis removes bacteria, limescale, drugs, etc.

Reverse osmosis

How does it work?

A high-pressure pump forces the water through a semi-permeable synthetic membrane. This membrane, with a fineness of around one ten-thousandth of a micron (0.0001 μm), allows only totally pure water to pass through, which is recovered on the other side of the membrane. This final filtration rejects 99% of all undesirable elements (bacteria, parasites, viruses, radioactive and medicinal residues).

All impurities are flushed out with rinsing water, preventing the membrane from clogging. This flushing takes place automatically, prolonging the life of the membrane. 

This final filtration results in very pure water, free of all pollutants, but "destructured". It is then essential to restore its "living" properties using the Water Structuring Process (WSP), which we call "Bio-Dynamisation®".

More details

The 3 stages of extreme purification

This first filter contains activated carbon granules approximately 2 to 3 mm in length, and retains pollutants by absorption, notably organic matter, chlorine, hydrocarbons and pesticides, as well as heavy metals larger than 0.5 microns. Molecules present in water penetrate and bind to activated carbon pores by adsorption. Activated carbon is a positively charged carbon, making it attractive to negatively charged chemicals such as chlorine. 

This filter is therefore capable of retaining and/or reducing many organic and chemical products. It is generally used as a pre-treatment element in a reverse osmosis system to reduce the number of organic contaminants and residual disinfectants (chlorine) that could clog the reverse osmosis membrane.

This second filter removes physical particles and bacteria larger than 5 microns from the water by sieving. Sediment filters are generally used as a pre-filter to extend the life of reverse osmosis membranes and to protect the valves (automatic membrane cleaning) from activated carbon particles released by the first filter and which may block them. This is why the sediment filter is placed after the carbon filter.

The two previous filters generally fail to remove inorganic contaminants or dissolved metals such as minerals, arsenic, asbestos, chromium, copper, fluorine, mercury, nickel, nitrates/nitrites, selenium, sulfate, thallium... Removing these contaminants requires a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Reverse osmosis filtration is a liquid phase separation process involving permeation through semi-selective membranes under the effect of a pressure gradient.

Osmosis is the transfer of solvent across a membrane under the effect of a concentration gradient. If we consider a two-compartment system separated by a semi-selective membrane and containing two solutions of different concentrations, osmosis results in a flow of water directed from the more dilute solution to the more concentrated one. This flow through the membrane stops naturally when the system reaches a state of equilibrium, i.e. when the concentrations on either side of the membrane are equal. When a pressure P greater than the osmotic pressure П is applied to the most concentrated solution, the flow of water is directed in the opposite direction to the osmotic flow: this is the phenomenon of reverse osmosis.

A high-pressure pump (4-6 bar) forces the water through a semi-permeable membrane made of TFC (Thin Film Composite) polysulfone, a synthetic polymer with a pore size close to 10 thousandths of a micron. This reverse osmosis device retains all suspended particles except water molecules, i.e. between 97% and over 99% of nitrates, pesticides, lead, bacteria, viruses and radioactive residues still present in water. This concentrate (pollutant discharge) is evacuated by a flow of water, and the permeate is collected in the cartridge's central tube and passes through the last filter where Bio-Dynamisation® takes place.

All impurities are flushed out with rinsing water, preventing the membrane from clogging. This "flushing" takes place automatically, prolonging the life of the membrane. This final filtration results in very pure water, free of all pollutants, but "destructured". It is then essential to restore its "living" properties using the Water Structuring Process (WSP), which we call "Bio-Dynamisation® ".

Water structuring, Bio-dynamisation®, a new approach to water structuring

- step 2 -


To optimize the functions of the water we absorb, it must reach a certain vibratory rate similar to that of the water in our bodies (biocompatibility). 

Bio-Dynamisation® integrates the energies of high-frequency waves (528Hz) captured by an oscillator and a beeswax capacitor into the water. These structuring energies are transmitted to theenergized water by two copper, gold and silver electrodes.

The first electrode is placed in the biofilter and ensures continuously energized water. The second, spiral electrode is immersed in the reservoir, maintaining a constant diffusion process of these "biological waves" and releasing gold, copper and silver ions into the fountain's water reservoir. 

Bio-dynamisation® is therefore an integration, or "permeation", of subtle, high-frequency energies intodynamized water, the universal carrier of life.

Sensitive crystallization

Aqua Dyn Auroville's Technology Tests Objectivation of Dynamized Water

This method shows the difference in energetic radiation between "unstructured" dead water and "structured" living water, then water energized by sound frequencies with a center and tree-like radiations.

Structured water, Dynamized water

Negative information from human pollution is present. This water has stagnated in concrete tanks, sometimes treated with chlorine. It shows a total lack of order or organization. Its molecular structure is not compatible with the highly structured water present in human cells, so the body must expend energy to transform it. Its low vibratory level is of the same order of magnitude as that of pathogenic bacteria and diseases, below the minimum vitality level of the human body.

Structured water, Dynamized water

After purification and Bio-Dynamisation® by Aqua Dyn Auroville's fountains, this same water expresses coherence and structure (radiation centers and tree angles). Its vibratory level has risen from 4,500 BU to 17,000 BU (Bovis Units). Its molecular composition features a high percentage of trimeric water (3 molecules), like the highly agglomerated water in human cells. The high vibratory level of this water prevents bacteria and viruses from developing. The immune system is strengthened and bodily functions can organize their defenses in a natural way.

Structured water, Dynamized water

This same Bio-Dynamized® water intensifies its radiance and structure in terms of centers and radiations thanks to Light & Sound® information. Masaru Emoto showed magnificent water ice crystals that had "listened" to the incantations of Bach, Mozart or a Shinto priest. Ancient mantras are famous for their power to confer healing properties on water. This photo shows a crystallization of water energized with copper chloride using the process described below, and infused with Mother's mantra*. You can see the powerful radiance and maximum expression of life. 

The vibratory level is raised to 25,000 BU (Bovis Units), taking life to another plane of expression.
*Mother, spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo and founders of Auroville.

Immediately assimilable trace elements

- step 3 -

Release of trace elements

compensate for deficiencies

personalized therapy

Trace elements exist in trace amounts in the body. It has been found that during bio-dynamisation®, the metal used loses a tiny fraction of its weight, which proves that some of the metal has been transferred to thedynamised water in the form of trace elements.

In this "ionic" form, in their nascent state, the trace elements present in theenergized water can be immediately assimilated by the body.

Once the deficiency has been identified, it can be compensated for; no side effects have ever been observed when taking trace elements in this form, as if the body's intelligence recognized a vibratory similarity favoring absorption and integral assimilation.

Numerous books on oligotherapy have been published which, in addition to the attached list, will enable you to explore this fascinating therapy in greater depth.

- step 4 -

Vortexes in the Bio-filtre® system

As water passes through the Bio-filtre®, microvortexes are created, increasing the potential energy transmitted to the water, facilitating restructuring, and improving hydration and cellular communication.

According to Georges Lakhovsky, water passing through these micro-vortexes sees its energy transfer potential increase by a factor of a thousand.

- step 5 -

Information by light&sound

Thanks to Aqua Dyn Auroville's innovative technology, thedynamized water is permanently bathed in a light field carrying sound waves inside the reservoir. Selected, recorded music in 432 Hz A (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... or others) is played in a loop, carried by infrared or light rays. These sound waves optimize the vibratory rate of thedynamized water, enhancing its living-water properties.

You can plug your USB key into the Mélusine and Aquarius fountains to play your favorite music (some music is less recommended, such as Hard Rock, for example).

As demonstrated by sensitive crystallizations and, more spectacularly, by Masaru Emoto's marvellous ice crystals, water is highly sensitive to all ambient phenomena, especially music.

By adding this device to its equipment, Aqua Dyn Auroville has broughtdynamized water to a paroxysm of "living" quality.

See the difference between 432Hz and 440Hz: Click here.

Dynamized water
Aqua Dyn Auroville water crystal analyzed by Masaru Emoto's Japanese laboratory

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