Carbonit Quadro 120 home filtration and 4 filters to choose from


The Carbonit Quadro 120 centralized filtration system provides whole-house water filtration.

The system is installed in the central water line after the water meter and ensures clean water right from the start while extending the life of your pipes.

Designed for very high hydraulic flow, it removes chlorine, organic compounds and scale and rust particles.

With the Carbonit quadro 120 home filtration system, we offer the WFP-L filter cartridge in two different filter finenesses. Please see the table below for an overview of the benefits and features of each cartridge:

Carbonit Quadro 120

* The retention rates shown are for the flow rate at 4 bar. In case the actual pressure or flow rate is lower, the contact time between water and activated carbon becomes longer. Therefore the actual retention rates tend to be higher than indicated here.

2 years warranty


You have 14 days to return your purchase and be refunded.


From 99€ by Colissimo. Deliveries are 100% CO2 neutral.

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Carbonit Quadro 120 Home Filtration:

-Designed to filter the entire household water flow
-Filtered water comfortably available anywhere in the home (shower, bathtub, sink).
-Installation at the water inlet of the house (directly downstream of the water meter).
-As the filter is installed upstream of the water heater, both cold and hot water will be filtered.
-There is no need to modify the existing fittings.
-The efficiency of the 4 cartridges in parallel gives pure water for cooking, showering, bathing, ...

Delivery includes the Carbonit Quadro 120 filter unit complete with wall mount and pressure gauges and the 4 filters of your choice. The standard units have a 1″ screw connection.

Optional: the units can be delivered with 2 flexible hoses, each about 80cm long. In this case, the connection is 3/4″. When ordering, please indicate whether the water comes from the right or the left side of the unit.

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Additional information

Technical specifications

Filter unit (W x H x D):
QUADRO 120: 310 x 980 x 240

Dry / wet weight :
QUADRO 120: approx. 25 kg / 40 kg

Attention: A free space above and below the filter unit is required to change the filter:
QUADRO 120: approx. 500 mm each


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