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All the benefits of chlorine-free water:
- Avoids the unpleasant odors of chlorinated water.
- Keeps skin moisturized by eliminating microbes (since KDF has a bacteriostatic effect).
- Hair is more vitalized and less fragile.

- 15-stage filtration cartridge with coconut activated carbon: eliminates chlorine and unpleasant odors, removes heavy metal ions such as zinc, mercury, copper or cadmium.
- Special for use in shower and bath fittings.
- Easy to install
- 2-year service life with second filter supplied

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15-step shower filter for better water filtration


Nearly 30% of the water our bodies absorb comes from shower water. That's why we offer a filtration system that's quick and easy to install, and fits any type of shower. With its 15 filtration stages, our shower filter ensures quality water for you and your whole family.

  • Reduces over 90% of chlorine
  • Softens water
  • Takes care of your body
  • More beautiful, healthier hair and skin
  • No limescale and no loss of pressure
  • Very easy to install

Soft water filter: helps rapidly remove chlorine, heavy metals, calcium, magnesium, etc., and inhibits scale growth in the bathtub or shower tray.

Body care: less risk of developing eczema, reduces itching of dry skin, reduces dandruff, increases your health capital. Ideal for bathing children and pets.

Complete compatibility: can be placed in any type of shower, before the shower hose, before the shower head, for versatile domestic use. Protect every shower in your home with ease.

Constant water pressure: our high-performance water filter will maintain existing water pressure for improved rinsing. It acts as a moisturizer, a purifier, a softener and gives sensitive skin a better sensation after the shower. It also helps remove rust and iron.

Benefits of soft water: filtered shower water activates your cells, increases oxygen levels in the blood, eliminates unpleasant odors and impurities, quickly relieves fatigue, slows aging and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

How do our 15 filtration stages work?

  • Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh: blocks impurities, silt and other substances.
  • Cotton PP: Effectively removes impurities such as suspended solids from water, providing high-precision filtration.
  • Alkaline ceramic balls: Adjust the acid-base balance of the human body. Better assimilation of trace elements and minerals needed by the human body, and release of negative ions.
  • KDF 55: Effectively eliminates chlorine residues and heavy metals, and inhibits microbial reproduction.
  • Maifan Stone: Eliminates hydride, the mixed pathogen; reduces fluoride and reduces chlorine, calcium and magnesium; adjusts and balances water PH.
  • Microporous ceramic balls: Reduce chlorine in tap water and retain rich minerals.
  • Vitamin C: Further reduces chlorine and prevents limescale build-up.
  • Coconut activated carbon: Adsorbs residual chlorine in water, reduces odor and color differences. Improves taste and filters out impurities.
  • Germanium balls: Effectively reduce chlorine in water.
  • Calcium sulfite balls: Perfectly eliminate substances caused by tri-atmospheric methane, bleach powder, residual chlorine and rust from water to ensure family health and safety.
  • Magnetic-energy ceramic balls: Effectively release over 20 types of beneficial trace elements such as iron, sodium and calcium.

Premium care

  • Water softener for showering, softer skin, stronger nails and shinier hair.
  • Good for sensitive and damaged skin.
  • Improves hair condition and protects dyed hair.
  • Good for baby's sensitive skin.
  • Protects your skin and hair from chlorine.

Filter adapts to all shower types

Rain shower head
Hand-held shower head
Fixed shower head

Tool-free, step-by-step installation

  1. unscrew your current shower head
  2. screw on your 15-stage shower filter.
  3. attach your showerhead to the end of your new filter and enjoy!

Replacement cartridge

Always use genuine, certified replacements for the best performance and continuous removal of contaminants from the water filtration system.

Replace every year. We've included 1 extra shower filter cartridge to extend your filtration time to 2 years!


In addition to this shower filter, you'll get Teflon tape to prevent leaks. Our filter is delivered with great care and with our gratitude for choosing our product.

If you have any questions about the shower filter contact us on or schedule a telephone appointment via our contact form.


Further information

Technical specifications

H: 150mm, W: 106mm, weight: 0.33kg, service life: 2 years
Water temperature: 4°C - 60°C
Working pressure: 0.35 - 6.2 bar
Surface material: ABS plastic
Flow rate: 228 L/Hour

1 review for shower filter

  1. Marion Devesly -

    A real change once installed, my skin is softer, my hair is shinier, the skin on my face is less dry. I recommend it.

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