Rebirth Water's Biocompatible Water for Communities


Example of a village with biocompatible water

Through Aqua Dyn Auroville For The People, since 2013, the Polambakkam community has installed a public fountain to benefit the villagers, schools and the health center.

Supported by a local company, the village has initiated a new formula of economic participation of the villagers to allow the financing of the maintenance and the distribution of water and to be part of a sustainable and self-sufficient approach.

Solution for the potabilization and dynamization of water adapted to all types of environments

In Morocco, Rebirth Water, via its subsidiary Eau Dyn, proposes the rapid installation by truck of a container equipped to treat water in all types of environment. This container, autonomous in electricity by solar panels, supplies and preserves biocompatible water in a flexible tank protected from solar rays by a proven technology. The qualities of this biocompatible water allow it to be preserved without the addition of chemicals for long periods.

Larger scale solution

In India or Africa, communities or villages often have problems related to the quality of the water they use. Their priority is to have access to water that meets WHO sanitary criteria.

Rebirth Water and Aqua Dyn Auroville offer tailor-made solutions for water purification and dynamization on a large scale. Thus, these communities can benefit from a better quality of life. Our filtration systems can be connected to wells, boreholes, cisterns, or lakes. Proven seawater desalination technology is also available in some countries for communities of various sizes.

Biocompatible water is a major asset in these regions for agriculture: ensuring better plant quality, higher yields and longer shelf life.

And for the breeding: a better parasite protection of the animals, as well as a controlled growth.

made to measure

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