Since its creation,Rebirth Water has been working for a profound change in entrepreneurship by fully adhering to the charter "Thaneer Pandal - The Gift Of Water" created by Aqua Dyn Auroville in 2007.

partners charter

Thaneer Pandal * - The Gift Of Water

Charter for a Company of the 3rd millennium whose vocation is to help to improve human health; a fundamental good and right of everyone.

Concept I
" When light is unified with water, it givespureLife".

So it is with the Sun and Water; their union is the gift of Life and pure Beauty. Let us build our future on their example in the gift of living water and in the gratitude received in return, let us find our joy.

Concept II

" The 21st century will be spiritual or it will not be " prophesied the great visionary André Malraux. We believe that the true spiritual movement is born from pure emotion, itself generated by the expression of Beauty in all its forms and the shared feeling of the Good, the Just and the True. These 3 values were considered by Plato as the foundations of an ideal society... It is up to all of us, through the value of our commitments and the actions that result from them, to build the foundations of this new society, the expression of a living and concrete spirituality.

Concept III

We recognize through the new discoveries of the Sciences of the 3rd millennium, and in accordance with our deep intuition, that Unity is the foundation of Matter and Life. It is up to all of us to change our Consciousness to discover and reveal the unity behind the apparent divisions, as the infinite multiplicity of the rays of light is unified in the center of the sun or the billions of water molecules in the heart of the dewdrop. Let us help each other in this awareness which will naturally shape the contours of human unity, thus allowing the birth of a New World. These 3 concepts determine us to establish commitments that in the context of Auroville motivate and justify its demands and existence.

Commitment I
Aqua Dyn, an Auroville company, commits itself through its motivations and resulting activities, to participate in the manifestation of this great Dream / Utopia, of an ideal and fraternal society. This with all the good will of the "Universal Citizens" (including Aurovillians), who want to participate.

Commitment II
The gift of pure and living water sums up our objective and commits us to a new ethic that we will define in the following points:

Commitment III
Constant research into the quality of water most in line with the physiological needs of our body. The Bio Dynamised water that we produce is a biocompatible water.

Commitment V
The individual is the fundamental value, his or her evolution is the key to any human enterprise. All production structures must be established according to the principles of "good understanding", mutual respect for each other's skills, evolutionary growth determined by the needs of the market, in a spirit of joyful and harmonious participation of all.

Commitment VI
The buyer must be fully satisfied with the machine and the quality of the water produced in terms of well-being and health. It is the joint responsibility of the production company and the distribution networks to make every effort to achieve this result.

Commitment VII
A "knowledge" economy must replace the current "profit" economy in order to replace the sense of exploitation with the spirit of participation in the knowledge of the product and its beneficial effects on the body and health. The concepts of good, right and true must underlie any action taken.

Commitment VIII
The evolution of knowledge obliges us to a constant and evolutionary research for the quality of the product which must be accompanied by the necessary information of an understanding / participation of the user / consumer.

Commitment IX
In the satisfaction of the wealthy user can be born a will of help and sharing which can allow by a financial support, the installation of collective installations for the deprived village or city populations.
Thus will be able to create a chain of fraternal mutual aid all around our beautiful blue planet, birth of a concrete Human Unity by the Gift of the Water and the Knowledge

(*) Vedic and Dravidian concept from ancient India which means the "Gift of Water", basis of a humanistic society.

at Auroville, March 9, 2007