Understanding sensitive crystallization

More than 25 years ago, a team of passionate researchers came together in Auroville, India, to found Aqua Dyn. Their goal: to study the benefits of pure, living, structured water on human health.

They had access to mains water that had been stagnant in concrete tanks and had been treated with chlorine. This water was contaminated with a lot of negative information from human pollution and totally lacked order or organization.

Its molecular structure was incompatible with that of the water present in our human cells, forcing our bodies to expend energy to transform it.

Moreover, its low vibratory level was similar to that of pathogenic bacteria and diseases.

It was time to put their purification and Bio-Dynamization® process invented by the Aqua Dyn Auroville team to the test to see if they could turn this water into healthy water.

The result was amazing!

After purification and Bio-dynamization®, this water had a coherent structure and a much higher vibratory level. Its molecular composition has a high percentage of trimetric water (3 molecules), like the highly agglomerated water of human cells.

The high vibrational level of this water prevented bacteria and viruses from growing, strengthening our immune system and allowing our body functions to defend themselves naturally.

But they didn't stop there!

They also used Light & Sound® information technology to further intensify the radiation and structure of this already Bio-Dynamized® water.

Based on the work of Masaru Emoto, who showed that water is a living substance capable of reacting to different influences. Highlighted with his beautiful water crystals that had "listened" to the incantations of Bach, Mozart.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer a unique water quality thanks to our purification process, Bio-Dynamisation® and Light & Sound®.

We believe that this can contribute to improving our health and offering a better quality of life to our users.

Here are the different stages of structuring of water highlighted thanks to the sensitive crystallization with copper chloride. The goal is to show that water expresses a coherence and a structure (center of radiation and angles of the trees):

Sensitive crystallization

What is sensitive crystallization?

Copper chloride sensitive crystallization is a method used to test water quality.

It relies on the ability of certain substances, such as copper chloride, to crystallize in a predictable manner when mixed with water. Copper chloride sensitive crystallization can be used to detect the presence of contaminants or undesirable substances in water by analyzing the shape, size and arrangement of the crystals that form.

To perform a copper chloride sensitive crystallization test, copper chloride is added to test water and crystals are observed to form. If the water is of good quality, the crystals that form should be regular in shape and uniform in size. If the water is contaminated or contains undesirable substances, the crystals that form may be irregular in shape or variable in size.

It is important to note that copper chloride sensitive crystallization is only one of several water quality tests and does not detect all types of contaminants or undesirable substances.


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