Biocompatible water on messure

Today, the water in our taps has been subjected to numerous stresses (transport, pollutants, heavy metals, drug residues, etc.), making it unstructured. As a result, our cells are unable to fully assimilate this water, leading to a slowdown in our biological functions, among other things.
Our combination of interventions enables us to restructure water molecules, making them biocompatible and offering our cells their full potential.

1 - The first step is to offer extreme purification to ensure the physical, chemical and bacteriological purity of the water..
fountains offer two purification options, depending on the quality of the water to be treated: "UFPO ultrafiltration" or "reverse osmosis".

Reverse Osmosis option: Activated carbon filter, sediment filter and reverse osmosis membrane ensure physical, chemical and bacteriological water purity. This extreme filtration system eliminates bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, drug residues and excess dissolved solids to guarantee perfectly pure water.

Ultrafiltration option : With its ultrafiltration technology, the fountain purification filter has a filtration fineness of up to 0.01μ. It removes over 99% of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. It is ideal for treating river water, groundwater and rainwater.
Ultrafiltration is a particularly environmentally-friendly process, as it generates very little water discharge. Filter cleaning is automated and integrated into the unit, giving it a long service life.
In addition, fountains are equipped with a supplementary activated carbon filtration system to remove chlorine and other chemical pollutants. Ultrafiltration delivers a rapid flow rate of 2 liters per minute.

2 - The Bio-Dynamizer® then restructures the water molecules. In this way, the water reaches a vibratory rate similar to that of the water in our bodies - "biocompatibility". .
The fountains incorporate BIO-DYNAMIZER® technology, patented worldwide since 2006.
Since its creation, the Aqua Dyn Auroville team has developed unique expertise in technologies that restore the structured character of drinking water, making it biocompatible with our biological waters. In this way, we promote the body's vitality, the hydration of our cells and our immune system's defenses.

The benefits of nature:
Aqua Dyn Auroville's patented "bio-dynamization" creates a "permeation" between the treated water and the high-frequency waves generated by an oscillator and a beeswax capacitor.
These structuring energies are transmitted to the water by two electrodes that ensure continuous dynamization of the water, releasing silver, copper and gold ions into the delivered water.
This comprehensive treatment revitalizes the water, improving the immune system and enhancing intracellular hydration.

3 - During the dynamization phase, the transmission of the trace elements copper, gold and agent in their ionic state strengthens the body's immune defenses..
During water bio-dynamization, the 2 electrodes used lose a tiny fraction of their weight in the form of trace elements. In this "ionic" form, in their nascent state, trace elements are immediately assimilated by the body.

UNIQUE: With every glass you drink, the trio of copper, gold and silver boosts your immune system, fighting inflammation and infectious conditions linked to bacteria and viruses (colds, flu, gastro, etc.).
- Copper is antiviral and antibacterial.
- Gold stimulates the action of white blood cells.
- Silver is known for its bactericidal properties.
This trio, well known in oligotherapy, takes care of your health by preventing any recontamination of the water.

4-Innovative Light & Sound® technology optimizes the water's vibratory rate, enhancing its living-water properties.
Thanks to Aqua Dyn Auroville's innovative technology, the water is constantly bathed in a field of light carrying sound waves. Selected, recorded 432Hz music (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.) is played in a loop*.
Carried by infrared or light rays, these sound waves optimize the water's vibratory rate, enhancing its living-water properties.

Sound waves optimize the vibratory rate of water, enhancing its properties as living water. As demonstrated by sensitive crystallizations and, more spectacularly, by Masaru Emoto's marvellous ice crystals, water is highly sensitive to all ambient phenomena, especially music.

*You can add your own music, thanks to a USB port.

Biocompatible water throughout the home

Household water contains pollutants, heavy metals and drug residues .

Water distribution in homes can be treated as a whole. Rebirth Water offers tailor-made water filtration and dynamization solutions for an entire house, building or group of dwellings.

Larger-scale solution


In India or Africa, communities or villages often have problems linked to the quality of the water they use. Their priority is to have access to water that meets WHO health criteria.

Rebirth Water and Aqua Dyn Auroville offer tailor-made solutions for large-scale potabilization and dynamization of water. As a result, these communities can enjoy a better quality of life. Our filtration systems can be connected to wells, boreholes, cisterns or lakes. Proven seawater desalination technology is also available in some countries for communities of various sizes.

Biocompatible water is a major asset for agriculture in these regions, ensuring better plant quality, higher yields and longer shelf life.

And for livestock: better parasite protection for animals, and controlled growth.

Spa or pool with biocompatible water

The use of a spa or swimming pool for is often a source of problems linked to the quality of the water used, maintenance and upkeep.

The use of customized biocompatible water systems in spas and pools offers many advantages. The use of chlorine as the main bactericide causes olfactory and epidermal intolerance in many people.

Pools and spas treated with biocompatible water eliminate all these undesirable factors. Bathing in biocompatible water allows the skin to absorb the benefits of the trace elements contained in the water.

What's more, the use of biocompatible water represents a significant reduction in filter servicing and general maintenance.